Seventh session


Annual Report of the Regional Director

         The Regional Committee,

         Having reviewed the annual report of the Regional Director on the work of WHO in the Western Pacific during the period 1 July 1955 - 30 June 1956,

  1. NOTES with satisfaction the progress made and the emphasis placed on major activities;
  2. EXPRESSES the hope that in the future development of the regional programme, as large a percentage of available funds as possible shall be devoted to field activities;
  3. NOTES with satisfaction the increasing number of fellowships awarded for training within the Region and hopes that, whenever feasible, more efforts will be made to facilitate the training of health personnel in their own countries;
  4. EXPRESSES satisfaction with the improvement of the public information service, and reiterates the importance of the dissemination of public information materials and their prompt dispatch to Member Countries;
  5. EXPRESSES satisfaction with the appointment of area representatives, but stresses the importance of keeping the need for such posts under review;
  6. NOTES with satisfaction the excellent working relations and good co-ordination of activities with international and other agencies;
  7. COMMENDS the efforts to develop efficient and economical regional office operations and expresses the hope that the review of office management will be followed up;
  8. CONGRATULATES the Regional Director and his staff on the preparation of the comprehensive and detailed report;
  9. ADOPTS the report.

10 September 1956

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