Sixth session


Vote of Thanks

         The Regional Committee,

         Appreciating the many favours and courtesies received and facilities given,

         THANKS the Government of Singapore for arranging with the Government of the United Kingdom for its kind invitation to hold the sixth session of the Regional Committee in Singapore; and

         REQUESTS the chief representative of the government of the United Kingdom to convey its sincere appreciation:

(1) to His Excellency, the Governor, for his kindness and attention and for his interest in the sixth session of the Regional Committee;

(2) to the Honourable, the Chief Minister and the Council of Ministers for all the courtesies and facilities received;

(3) to the Honourable, the Minister of Health, for his welcoming address, his hospitality and for the continued support given by him and by his staff during the meeting;

(4) to the President and Members of the Singapore City Council for the hospitality they have extended;

(5) to the University of Malaya for kindly placing the excellent premises and facilities of the University at the disposal of the Committee as well as for the valuable help given by the University staff and students.

19 September 1955

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