Sixth session


Third Malaria Conference **

         The Regional Committee,

         Realizing the advantages of gathering together malariologists responsible for national malaria campaigns in the Western Pacific and South East Asia Regions, thus enabling them to discuss their experience and problems in meeting attended by other experts, and by representatives of international organizations and bilateral assistance bodies;

         Having learned of the success of the First Asian Malaria Conference in Bangkok in 1953, which was concerned chiefly with the organizational and administrative aspects of malaria control programmes, and that of the Second Asian Malaria Conference in Baguio in 1954, which discussed the technical problems of malaria control in the Western Pacific and South East Asia Regions;

         Believing that the possibility of the development of the insecticide resistance in vector species may necessitate the reorientation of many malaria control programmes in the two regions, and that a third Asian malaria conference, besides discussing the technical and administrative aspects of the present campaigns and the progress made after the Second Asian Malaria Conference, could advise on how to prevent the dangers to which insecticides resistance in anophelines would lead,

         REQUESTS the Regional Director to communicate to the Director-general of the World Health Organization the desire of the Regional Committee to hold a third Asian malaria (inter-regional) conference in 1956 or 1957.

** This conference was postponed and in its place an inter-regional symposium on malaria was held in Bangkok, Thailand, 13-20 December 1957

16 September 1955

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