Sixth session


Malaria Eradication

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the report on malaria eradication submitted by the Regional Director, *

         Noting the recommendation of the Malaria Conference for the Western Pacific and South East Asia Regions in Baguio, in November 1954, that the ultimate goal of a nation-wide malaria control programme be the eradication of the disease;

         Considering resolution EB15.R67, adopted by the Executive Board at its fifteenth session, calling attention to the urgency and importance of malaria eradication, **

         Noting resolution WHA8.30 of the Eighth World Health Assembly requesting governments to intensify plans of nation-wide malaria control so that malaria eradication may be achieved and the regular insecticide spraying campaigns terminated before the potential danger of a development of resistance to insecticides in the anopheline vector species materializes, ***

         Realizing that in some countries in the Western Pacific Region, the problem of finding an effective and economical method of eradicating malaria has not yet been solved, but that pilot projects have been started and are expected to start in areas to help solve this problem;

         Realizing further that lack of adequately trained local personnel, as well as financial considerations, have prevented many countries in the Region, from undertaking a more vigorous malaria control campaign;

         Taking note of the establishment of a Malaria Eradication Special Account for the purpose of assisting governments in undertaking research and in providing supplies, equipment and technical advice, to facilitate the world-wide eradication of malaria,

         REQUESTS governments to intensify their plans of malaria control so that malaria eradication may be achieved as soon as possible;

         STRESSES the importance of intra- and inter-regional co-ordination of malaria campaigns;

         REQUESTS the Regional Director to obtain information from governments of malarious countries with a view to the determining what assistance would be needed to expedite the eradication of malaria from the Region.

* WPR/RC6/15

** WHO Handbook of Resolutions and Decisions, Vol. I, 1973, p. 69

*** WHO Handbook of Resolutions and Decisions, Vol. I, 1973, p. 69-70

16 September 1955

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