Sixth session

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WPR/RC6.R1 Nomination of the Regional Director
WPR/RC6.R2 Annual Report of the Regional Director
WPR/RC6.R3 Distribution of Project Reports
WPR/RC6.R4 Modifications Made in the Regional Programme for 1956
WPR/RC6.R5 Accomodation for the Western Pacific Regional Office *
WPR/RC6.R6 Estimated Government Expenditures in Respect of WHO-Assisted Activities
WPR/RC6.R7 Guiding Principles Concerning Projects to be Financed with Regular Funds
WPR/RC6.R8 Environment Sanitation
WPR/RC6.R9 Proposed Programme of Work Covering Period 1957-1960
WPR/RC6.R10 Relations with UNICEF
WPR/RC6.R11 Public Information Activities
WPR/RC6.R12 Legislative Developments in the United Nations Expanded Programme of Technical Assistance
WPR/RC6.R13 Malaria Eradication
WPR/RC6.R14 Third Malaria Conference **
WPR/RC6.R15 Campaigns Against Smallpox
WPR/RC6.R16 1957 Programme and Budget
WPR/RC6.R17 Supplementary List of Projects
WPR/RC6.R18 Sub-Committee on Programme and Budget
WPR/RC6.R19 The Integration of Field Projects in Long-Term Health Planning
WPR/RC6.R20 Time, Place and Duration of the Seventh and Eighth Sessions of the Regional Committee
WPR/RC6.R21 Revision of the Rules of Procedure
WPR/RC6.R22 Technical Discussions
WPR/RC6.R23 Adoption of the Report
WPR/RC6.R24 Vote of Thanks
WPR/RC6.R25 Resolution of Appreciation

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