Fifth session


Assistance to Less Favourably Situated Member States

         The Regional Committee,

         Having further studied and noted resolution WHA7.42 concerning local costs in respect to international project personnel under the regular budget whereby WHO will pay for housing, subsistence, per diem and other local expenses to international staff assigned to new project, *

         Having noted also that the amount to be spent for this purpose is estimated in excess of forty thousand dollars for this region;

         Having unanimously supported the proposal to give priority to health projects requested by Khmer Republic, Laos and Vietnam and contained in the supplementary list if funds become available (WPR/RC5.R3), **

         Believing that the present budgeting procedure provides more favourable support to Member States whose fiscal and administrative position would allow them to obtain travel duty of the Secretariat staff and other consultants;

         Believing further that this budgeting procedure reduces the amount available to provide direct health services to the Member States less favourably situated fiscally,

         DIRECTS the Regional Director to make adjustments necessary to require the staff and other consultants appointed to give first priority of their services to the less favourably situated Member States.

* WHO Handbook of Resolution and Decisions, Vol. I, 1973, p. 433.

** See page 14

16 September 1954

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