Fifth session


Revisions to Rules 26 and 28 of the Rules of Procedure

         The Regional Committee,

         NOTES the action taken by the Executive Board in adopting new Rules of Procedure for the election of the Director-General;

         DECIDES to adopt the following revisions of Rules 26 and 28 of the Rules of Procedure of the Regional Committee for the Western Pacific thus bringing them into line with the action taken by the Executive Board:

Rule 26

         "All elections shall be decided by secret ballot. However, except as concerns the vote required for the nomination of the Regional Director, an election may be held by a show of hands or by acclamation, provided that there is no more than one candidate for one elective office and that no delegate requests otherwise".

         "The nomination of the Regional Director shall always be decided by secret ballot."

Rule 28

         "For the nomination of the Regional Director, the Committee shall establish a list of candidates whose names are selected by secret ballot and presented in alphabetical order. The Committee shall then select its candidate by secret ballot. For that purpose each member of the Committee shall write down the name of a single candidate which he chooses from the above mentioned list".

         "The candidate who receives the least number of votes shall be eliminated at each balloting. There will be as many ballots as are necessary in order to reduce the number of candidate to two. Once the number of candidates has been reduced to two, there shall be no more than three ballots taken to secure a majority for either candidate, otherwise the Whole procedure established by this rule shall start again".

         "The name of the person so nominated shall be submitted to the Executive Board, by the Director-General".

16 September 1954

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