Fifth session


1956 Programme and Budget

         The Regional Committee,

         Recognizing that there is an accepted procedure of referring the programme and budget of a regional committee to the Director-General;

         Recognizing that the Regional Director has developed the programme for individual countries in 1956 in conformity with requests from Member governments;

         Recognizing also that there 16 no real assurance of any increase in the annual contribution to WHO by Member governments;

         After having examined with care the 1956 programme and budget estimates for the Western Pacific Region as submitted by the Regional Director, ** and taking into consideration resolutions WPR/RC5.R6 *** and WPR/RC5.R7, ****

         RESOLVES that the Regional Committee take Dote of the 1956 programme end budget for the western Pacific Region and instructs the Regional Director to transmit to the Director-General.

** WP/RC5/4 and Corr.1.

*** See pages 51-52.

**** See pages 148.

15 September 1954

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