Fifth session


1956 Programme and Budget

         The Regional Committee,

         Taking into account resolution WPR/RC4.14 on the travel study tour, **

         Reiterating the importance of and benefits to be derived from group conferences and lectures and/or study tours in the countries included in the Western Pacific Region;

         Believing that these measures will foster cordial relations and understanding among Member States within the Region which will promote closer co-operative efforts,

         REQUESTS the Regional Director insofar as possible to allocate the necessary funds in 1956 to start implementing resolution WPR/RC4.R14 and to plan in consultation with Member governments the practical and effective manner of its implementation. *

* The first public health conference and study tour to Japan and China (Taiwan) was held in September 1957.

** See WPR/RC4/14

15 September 1954

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