Fifth session


1955 Progamme and Budget

         The Regional Committee,

         Having regard to the reduction of the regular budget of WHO for 1955 in the amount of US$8l1 100;

         Recognizing the necessity of adjusting the programme in the Region to effect its total share of the reduction;

         Considering the adjustments made by the Regional Director to document WP/RC5/4;

         Believing that field activities for the Region are of urgent importance in developing and strengthening the health services of Member States,

         REQUESTS the Regional Director:

(1) to maintain in 1955 the level of staffing and fund allocation for the Regional Office as far as possible as they are in Official Records No. 50, page 420; and

(2) to distribute any balance over and above this amount in the adjustment made by the Regional Director to field activities;

(3) that in future years the costs for the staffing of the Regional Office as approved in the budget proposal of the Director-General shall be adhered to as closely as possible.

13 September 1954

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