Fifth session


Annual Report of the Regional Director

         The Regional Committee,

  1. Having reviewed the Annual Report of the Regional Director,
    (1) CONGRATULATES the Regional Director on the clear presentation of the report;
    (2) NOTES with satisfaction that the programmes were well implemented in spite of the financial crisis;
    (3) EXPRESSES appreciation of the increased fellowship activities within the Region; and
    (4) ADOPTS the report as presented;
  2. Noting the deletion of the post of Regional Statistician and Programme Evaluator as reported in the Annual Report of the Regional Director;

             Realizing that there might be a lack of co-ordination in inter-country health projects resulting in difficulty in evaluating results;

             RECOMMENDS that every effort be made to re-establish the position of Regional Statistician and Programme Evaluator in order that Governments might benefit from his technical assistance;

  3. Realizing the value of having close collaboration with the international staff of WHO in the Western Pacific Region,

             REQUESTS the Organization to send Member Countries information on the new appointments and resignations or transfers of WHO international staff in the Western Pacific Region;

  4. Desiring to achieve uniformity with other Regional Offices regarding the period covered by the Regional Director's report to the Regional Committee,

             REQUESTS the Regional Director that in future his Annual Report to the Regional Committee cover the period 1st July to 30th June.

11 September 1954

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