Fourth session


Programme and Budget

         The Regional Committee,

         HAVING STUDIED the financial situation confronting the Organization;

         APPRECIATING that there is an insufficiency of funds which with to implement all of the requests received;

         REALIZING that there is also a continued uncertainty regarding the amount of Technical Assistance funds which will be available;

         REALIZING that the secretariat in this situation cannot administer the programme efficiently;

         BELIEVING that the work of the Organization should receive further support and that it would be an advantage to the Regional Office to know in advance what funds would be available;

         RECOMMENDS that the Member governments of the Region give consideration to increasing and stabilizing the resources by any of the following means:

         (1) increasing the regular contributions; or

         (2) making regional appropriations; or

         (3) increasing contributions to the Technical Assistance for Economic Development funds; or making contributions directly to the Organization; or

         (4) making special contributions to the Organization; or

         (5) making reimbursement for services rendered and that the Regional Director be informed of the decisions taken before 1 December 1953.

September 1953

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