Fourth session


Regional Malaria Control Programmes

         The Regional Committee,

         Knowing that malaria is still one the most important public health problems in many countries in the Region; that this disease has to be controlled if success is to be expected from the other programmes designed to promote economic and social development; and that it is very essential to effect the control of this disease as soon as possible;

         Realizing that rapid and efficient control of the disease could be effected by undertaking malaria control in as large an area as possible, and that such large- scale malaria control programmes should be properly co-ordinated as much as possible on an inter-country and eventually an inter-regional basis;

         Realizing further, that while many of the malaria-stricken countries in the Region are anxious to undertake malaria control programmes in as large an area as possible, financial considerations have not permitted them to do so,

         ACKNOWLEDGES with greatful appreciation the assistance and co-operation which are being provided by such organizations as the Mutual Security Agency of the United States of America in taking an active and important part in the extension of malaria control activities in many countries in this region;

         HOPES that such organizations will continue their very valuable assistance and co-operation;

         REQUESTS Member countries of the Western Pacific to endeavour to plan and implement large-scale and long-term programmes of malaria control to the extent that their resources will permit, and to consider all means of integrating national malaria control programmes into sub-regional and, eventually, regional programmes of malaria control; and

         INSTRUCTS the Regional Director to assist Member countries in the integration of such programmes.

September 1953

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