Third session


Establishment of Better Co-operation among the Member Countries in this Region in the Field of Public Health: Exchange of Information and Intra-Regional Fellowships

         The Regional Committee,

  1. RECOGNIZES the fact that there are a great many problems that need to be solved in the field of public health among the Member countries of this region; and that co-operation among the Member countries by way of an exchange of information, both technical and administrative, will contribute greatly to the solution of these problems;
  2. RECOMMENDS that the attention of the health administrations of all Member countries and the Regional Director for the Western Pacific be called to this particular point; and further
  3. RECOMMENDS that a special study be made of the possibility of establishing a clearing centre in the office of the Regional Director for the collection and distribution of such information among Member countries, and also of the possibility of encouraging more grants of intra-regional fellowships to qualified persons and providing for more intra-regional seminars in order that they may acquire fuller information on the various aspects of public health administration in countries within the Region.

September 1952

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