Third session


Proposed Progamme and Budget Estimates for the Financial Year 1st January to 31st December 1954 and the Review of the Approved Regional Programme and Budget for 1953 and Consideration of Amendments Proposed by Member Countries

         The Regional Committee,

         AFTER careful study by a sub-committee composed of representatives of Australia, China, Khmer Republic, Korea, Philippines, and the United Kingdom,

  1. APPROVES the proposed programme and budget for 1954, as amended, * together with the revised estimates for 1953;
  2. AUTHORIZES the Regional Director to establish, if necessary, priorities in the implementation of projects, and that in the event of this being necessary, then, in establishing the priorities he should take into consideration the following:
    (1) the value of the project to more than one country or to the Region as a whole;
    (2) the place of the project in the long-term health plans or the government and the government's other intentions as regards the particular problem;
    (3) the association in the project of more than one international health organization;
    (4) the incidence of disease, the total amount of assistance being received from WHO and the availability or other sources of' assistance;
  3. INSTRUCTS the Regional Director to prepare and submit future programme and budget documents in time to reach governments not later than three weeks before the opening of the Regional Committee meeting, and suggests in general no additions should be allowable after that submission, except that the Regional Director should be given a certain discretion in this respect in very exceptional circumstances; further
  4. CALLS on Member governments to forward their requests early enough for inclusion in said document, and urges Member governments to include in all requests the estimated value in each relevant year or the government's participation in each project, it being understood that the publication of such figures in no way commits the government;
  5. REQUESTS the Regional Director to forward the approved regional programme and budget to the Director-General for inclusion in his programme and budget which will be submitted to the eleventh session of the Executive Board and to the Sixth World Health Assembly.

* WP/RC3/7, Add.1 and Corr.1,2,3.

September 1952

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