Second session


Assistance to Member States in Supplies and Equipment

         The Regional Committee,

         Cognizant of and accepting the broad principles and objectives which underlie, determine and guide WHO assistance to its Member States;

         While realizing the immediate and long-range benefits which may be derived from technical assistance either by making expert services and information available or awarding fellowships in various medical and public health fields,

  1. FEELS, however, that:
    (1) there is a far greater need for more material assistance in the form of highly essential equipment and supplies for medical and public health projects;
    (2) many of the Member States of the Western Pacific Region can be benefited more practically and can prosecute their pressing medical and public health problems quicker and more effectively if such material assistance were made available to them;
  2. DESIRES that WHO assistance should be granted on actual or existing medical and public health needs of requesting Member States which are or may be entitled to such assistance insofar as the requested assistance can reasonably be met by WHO funds for such purpose;
  3. RECOMMENDS that WHO includes or incorporates the above desire in its policies governing assistance to its Member States whenever expressly requested in such forms;
  4. RECOMMENDS that WHO shall have the authority to decide the merits of requests of such forms of assistance and shall approve them;
  5. REQUESTS the Regional Director of the Western Pacific to take steps to implement both the above desire and recommendations by requesting the Director-General of the World Health Organization to submit and recommend the adoption of this resolution at the forthcoming session of the Executive Board and at the Fifth World Health Assembly.

September 1951

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