Second session


Development of National Programmes for the Benefit of Children

         The Regional Committee,

  1. NOTES resolution A4/R/43 adopted by the Fourth World Assembly at its tenth plenary session on 24 May 1951 concerning the development of national programmes for the benefit of children; and
  2. STRESSES the need in every country for an earyl start in the planning and implementation of an over-all child care programme; and
  3. URGES Member States in this Region to include within their comprehensive health services at a high level, a control specialist coordinating control such as Maternal and Child Health Division, and
  4. EMPHASIZES that in developing national programmes for the benefit of children, Member State pay special attention to:
    (1) the need for competent and qualified personnel at all levels,
    (2) the need for education and training of additional personnel of all categories.
    (3) the need for pediatrics and/or child care to be included as a major subject in the education and training, both undergraduates and postgraduates, of such personnel, and
    (4) the need among lay people, esapecially lay people in the more underdeveloped countries, for an informed opinion in the first principles of self care and child care.

September 1951

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