Second session


Implementation of 1952 Programme and Draft Programme and Budget of Western Pacific Region for 1953

         The Regional Committee,

  1. APPROVES the General Statement of Programme, Part I of WP/RC2/5;
  2. APPROVES the details of the draft programme and budget, Part II of WP/RC2/5, with modifications and revisions as agreed by the representatives of Laos and Viet Nam, respectively and the Regional Director, and with the understanding that future programmes may be modified, within the limits of available resources and subject to general policies of the Organization, to suit the changing needs of governments;
  3. DECIDES, subject to consultation between the Regional Director and the country concerned, that the mental health seminar will be held in Australia and the nursing seminar will be held in China (Taiwan); and
  4. REQUESTS the Regional Director to forward the draft programme and budget for 1953 to the Director-General approved and recommended for inclusion in the Director-General's programme and budget to be presented to the Executive Board for comments and to the Fifth World Health Assembly for approval.

September 1951

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